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Parts of Engine

  • Direct Injection High Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

    Direct Injection High Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

    Engine High Pressure Fuel Pump Introduction Weifu group has the history as long as china, after cooperated with Bosch diesel injection technology. WEIFU HIGH-TEC CO.,LTD has became one of the most famous fuel pump and injection technology supplier over the world. Electric...

  • Industries Diesel Engines Turbocharger

    Industries Diesel Engines Turbocharger

    Diesel Engine Turbocharger Introduction We assemble with CUMMINS TURBOCHARGE TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD (Wandi has 50% stock). Its Holset brand is very famous among the world. After joint-venture with Holset, Wuxi power already has the world's first-level turbo supplier....

  • Gas Engine Water Cooling Pumps

    Gas Engine Water Cooling Pumps

    Engine Water Pump Introduction Water pump cooling the engine and control the system temperature at the normal range, it will not stop as if engine keeps running. Henan Xixia Automobile Water Pump Co.,Ltd has 500 hundred kinds of productions and the domestic market share of...

  • Engine Injection Oil Pumps

    Engine Injection Oil Pumps

    Engine Oil Pump Introduction Oil pump play an important in the whole diesel engine's lubricating system. It makes sure the smooth running off the whole engine and the safety of the generator. HUNAN OIL PUMP JOINT.,LTD. manufacture of XIANGJIANG brand oil pump. It has...

  • Diesel Engine Cylinder InLine Injection System

    Diesel Engine Cylinder InLine Injection System

    Engine Cylinder Line Introduction After long times testing, we finally chose YANGZHOU WUTING CYLINDER LINE CO.,LTD. as our supplier, this company already has 50 years history and keep the position of the best sales for several years in china. Electric Generator Equipment...

  • Diesel Engine Aluminum Cylinder Heads Cover

    Diesel Engine Aluminum Cylinder Heads Cover

    Diesel Engine Cylinder Cover Introduction Cylinder is an important part in engine when energy convent between heat and mechanical energy. Our cylinder head and cylinder cover is purchased from TIAN CHANG CYLINDER HEAD CO.,LTD. This company is more than 22 diesel engine...

  • The Four Stroke Engine Piston Rings

    The Four Stroke Engine Piston Rings

    Engine Piston Introduction Engine's Piston supplier is Bohai Piston, which is the best in china, the 4th biggest on the world. Electric Generator Equipment Characteristics ● Gantry body design, with high stiffness, high strength, torque tran smission ability, and compact...

  • Diesel Engine Crankshafts Kits

    Diesel Engine Crankshafts Kits

    Engine Crankshaft Introduction Engine's crankshaft is purchased from chiese biggest crankshaft manufacture TIANRUN CRANKSHAFT CO.,LTD, landi series power over 680kw all assembled with one-piece crankshaft. Advantage 1.We are the experienced factory for over 60 years in...

  • Engine Blocks Cylinder‎ Parts

    Engine Blocks Cylinder‎ Parts

    Diesel Engine Block Introduction Wandi engine's block is founded by Wuxi Wandi Foundry Co., Ltd. Which is a subsidiary company under Wuxi Power Engineering. As the most important part of engine, we can completely control block's quality and eradicate fake engine one...

  • Maintenance Spare Parts|turbocharger

    Maintenance Spare Parts|turbocharger

    Engine Parts Introduction Every part of wandi engine all purchase from china first-level supplier, after passing QC’s test, all parts will keep enough stock in our thousands M2 Vertical storage except daily producing activity. Spare parts are free during warranty period (1...

  • Diesel Engine Block

    Diesel Engine Block

    Engine Block Introduction Every block is made by ourselves from casting, cleaning, CNC and painting. After all procedure done, we will test block with “Three-coordinate measuring machine” to check if they reached our requirements. Spare parts are free during warranty period...

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