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Wuxi Power’s History with Bosch and Holset Cummins ----(Bosch High Pressure Fuel Injection and Holset Cummins turbocharge) Nov 15, 2017

During the 60 years history of Wuxi Power Engineering , we have deeply cooperated with Holset and Bosch which represent the world’s most famous engine technical supplier .


In 1973 , Cummins purchased Holset , the start of Holset’s worldwide expansion .


In 2003 , joint venture with Wuxi Power(Wnadi Group). A new world class US$ 8 million technical and production facility in Wuxi opened . At the same time Wandi engine equipped with Holset Cummins turbocharge .



2006 , the second Cummins joint venture company Wuxi Vane Wheel Engineering Co., Ltd opened . 


Which means Wandi engine’s supply of turbocharger will be more convenient and more economic.



Wuxi Power Diesel Engine has always cooperated with Wuxi WEIFU group , which is the most famous brand in chinese engine and motor suppliers . 



WEIFU high pressure fuel pump applying with world level Bosch fuel injection technology . 

Wuxi Power Engineering Co.,Ltd . the 60 years power expert around you , waiting for your visit.